What is your fee structure? How much do you charge?

Our fees typically depend on the complexity of your program, your project size and type, as well as in which municipality your project will be located in. Whether your project is Residential or Commercial, we typically charge by the square foot of a project. As a client, you are paying us for a service and therefore we will invoice you on a monthly basis based on a percentage of our work that has been completed to date. If you’d like more information about working with us, contact us through our website or by phone.

What's the length of time that a project would typically take?

In general terms, whether your project is a custom residence or a commercial building, we generally recommend you allow us 4 to 6 months from start to completion. It all depends on the scope of the project as well as the municipality in which your project is located. Architectural Review Boards along with Municipality Design Review Boards have a process towards receiving design approvals, which can sometimes lead to a more involved and lengthier process.

What are some general costs of construction?

The cost of construction for our Residential projects range anywhere from $350 per sf up to $550 per sf and upwards. Our Commercial projects can vary from $150 per sf to $250 per sf and upwards. Again, this would all depend on the scope and type of the project.

As a client, how would I get started with the design process?

First, we would ask you to meet with us so that you can familiarize yourself with our firm and to make sure that we are a good fit for you and your project. This also affords us the opportunity to learn all about your project as well as your goals and your time and budgetary parameters. Once you have made a decision to hire us, we will enter into a professional agreement. We will then visit the location of your project to conduct a “site analysis” or “feasibility” study. Before pen even touches paper, we will have learned all about your vision which you have shared with us. Each project is approached as a “team”.

What is the size of your firm?

We are a small well-rounded firm that carries a wide array of experience. We prefer to remain so in order to provide you with our utmost fullest attention. As one of the principals of the firm, we will personally guide you through the process and be involved in your project from start to finish. Even after the design has been completed and construction is underway. Click here to meet our team!

Where are some of your projects located?

The locations of our projects vary from Charleston and her surrounding islands to throughout South Carolina, North Carolina and several other states that lie within the US. We also have a project in the West Indies and recently completed a project in the Netherlands. Check out our Residential and Commercial projects!

Does your firm have a favorite style of architecture?

No. All of our clients are different. We will create a design that meets the specific demands of each individual client. You can see some of our in-progress projects for inspiration here!

What some of the trends you are currently seeing?

We equate Architecture to fashion. Design trends are ever changing and are always dynamic. For example, twenty years ago, design trends seemed to focus on traditional elements. Today, we are seeing more and more modern movements. Cleaner lines, less fussy. A reintroduction of elements that were created in the 50’s and 60’s. A sort of mid century contemporary with a modern flair, but this too will continue to morph itself into another element of style. Read our Architecural Trends of 2022 blog for more information.

What about interior design?

We always work on the interior details that fit within the spaces of your visions. However, when it comes to picking out interior finishes and making selections, we would align you with an interior designer. They will take you to various showrooms and will always work within your budget. This gives you the flexibility and attention your project deserves. We have established solid relationships with several interior designers in our area.

What about additions, renovations and facility rehabilitations?

Yes. We are involved with several of those as well. These can often be challenging projects but the reward far out-weighs the challenge. To bring new life into an old friend is very gratifying but may take a lot of patience on your part. Be prepared to encounter the unforeseen.